Friday, 26 March 2010

Tudor Contingent So Far

I have reached a natural pause in the collection and painting of my Tudor allied contingent; there are twelve figures left to paint from the Perry WOTR boxed set which will be based as single DBR elements without flags (so the hard work is done so far).

The next elements to add to this contingent will be some demilancers and border horse - hence the natural pause as i'm going to await the release of the Eureka lightly armoured gendarmes to represent the demi-lancers and i'm not sure what to use for the border horse - all suggestions gratefully accepted!

Once I have got around this minor problem I could quite easily extend this allied contingent into an army of its own right with the following;

Gentlemen Pensioners (Foundry Gendarmes)
Artillery (already have but could paint up a tudor crew)
Landsknechts (I have lots of these!)
Burgundian Gendarmes (currently painted and in my Maximilian army)
more archers and bill (1 more Perry boxed set)


  1. Stuart
    These are looking really nice; great to see an army that's not often done, certainly not to this high standard.
    Wondering if the imminent Perrys 'Pages' could be pressed into service for border horse, not sure how they are going to be armoured...worth keeping an eye out?
    I definetly think you should extend to the full army ... and then press on for the Scots!
    Whats next to be done?

  2. Simon

    I've just returned to the DBR rmy listings to check what would be required for a full army and discounting figures I already have it comes down to another Perry bow & bill boxed set and four foundry gendarmes to represent Gentlemen Pensioners.

    I've got some spare gendarmes so it comes down to £15! for a boxed set - i think that's the decision made!

    I'll keep an eye out for the squires, I was toying with the idea of using their figure of Henry VI as Cardinal Wolsey.

    With the next boxed set having pike in there could be a potential for scots, althogh that could be a rather distant horizon.

  3. The Henry VI figure will work well I think, but will need addition of wide brim to the hat, to make a late medieval cardinal's 'galero'.