Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Suffolk Standard

Back to the Tudors!

I have been working on the second, and final archer command stand which will represent Charles Brandon, Lord Lisle (later the first Duke of Sufolk).

The banner was put together using free Heraldry clip art and assembled in Adobe Photoshop. I then printed it onto self adhesive paper and painted the base colours, painting to completion on the heraldic devices.

Once this was done I cut out the flag using a scalpel, peeled off the backing paper and attached to the flag pole, folds were then added and highlights made to the base colours.

The figures are currently being based and photographs will follow soon.

Charles was Henry VIII's brother in law and perhaps his closest personal friend. He was the son of William Brandon, standard bearer of Henry VII, who was personally slain by Richard III at the battle of Bosworth Field 1485.

He distinguished himself at the sieges of Tournai & Theouranne during Henry VIII's 1513 French campaign where he served as high marshall (2nd in command of the whole army and with direct command of 3200 men of the middle ward).

He later served as Commander in Chief during the (frustratingly unsuccessful) campaigns of 1522 & 1523.

Charles was appointed Master of Horse in 1513 and given this I may also represent him on horseback at a later date.

Further details of his life can be found via the following link;

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