Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Landsknecht Painting Guide

I was recently approached by Richard Knapton of the Renaissance Wargame Society and asked to put together a Landsknecht Painting Guide similar to the medieval one below, for the forthcoming issue of the Reiter.

It soon snowballed as there were a lot of things I wanted to mention, the memory of slight anxiety from when I first painted these mercanaries (15 years ago) still being a fresh one.

There's a wealth of hints and tips, two step by step guides, plenty of links and a downloadable 'Landsknecht Painting Programme (c) ! '

I was unable to give it full justice on here so it has its very own website;

I hope to add more to this in the coming year.

Let me know what you think.




  1. Thanks for those pages. I've been passing the link around, as well as the one for your previous step-by-step medieval painting guide. Great work!

  2. Stuart
    Just seen these newbies from TAG and thought that the Swiss Guard will make ideal Henrician guardsmen too?

    Great guide by the way!

  3. Nice one Simon, I haven't looked at TAG in a while now, they do look good.

    Cheers for the comments