Saturday, 30 January 2010

First unit of archers are finished!

Here's the first division of Archers fully based and ready to go. I'm really pleased with the way they've turned out.
They're mostly uniform in appearance but each with its own character. The brigandines and jacks posed a challenge in the way the white coat should be represented, for the brigandine I have kept these simple and painted them as red or green with gold / brass studs. As for the jacks I have chosen to paint them mostly white with a red cross as here;

These are unvarnished as yet and I think I'll leave it that way for now - do plastics need varnish or suffer knocks and flecks as easily as lead figures?
I've not painted plastics in a very long time and there were a couple of little mistakes / learning curves along the way so here they are;
* Use filler when basing as without, even with thick PVA for the sand and static grass you'll get a predominant circular raised outline at the foot of each figure (I based one stand twice!)
* Finely smooth the mould lines with an emery board, particularly on the bows, arms and helmets - even then give each figure a second look over before you undercoat it.


  1. A really great job ! Congratulations !


  2. Gorgeous work on the standard. Very clever the way you are cobbling together an army of "Enery the aitf" from the available figs. Nice one...

  3. I'm really pleased with the way the Perry boxed set has worked out. I was careful in the selection of heads and poses to try and maintain the uniform feel.

    Once i've finished painting this box (1/2 way) i'll paint up some gendarmes as gentlemen pensioners, a cannon from the foundry landsknecht range and the only thing remaining will be demilancers and border horse......might have to wait a while for those to materialise - i could use front rank light cav as the border horse and eureka should have some light 'archer' gendarmes out at some point this year that might do as demilancers. Failing that i could hold out to see what the Perry's release, hmmmm, see what happens

    Thanks for your comments