Saturday, 9 June 2012

Current WIP

Presently occupying my painting table is this standard bearer conversion, his unit and banner will be uploaded soon but I thought he was worthy of individual attention. Two relatively simple conversions were performed when putting the figure together; the left hand formerly held a dagger which I cut off, then finely filed so that only the hand remained after which it was carefully drilled so that it could take the wire spear for the standard.

I then mixed a tiny amount of green stuff to sculpt a beard onto the face (this as a result of some welcome encouragement from the Count of Wymborn - thank you!).

I'm relatively pleased with the result and will do a few more beards among my forthcoming units, I've used a little too much green stuff in this instance I think but i'll play around with some variations in future.



  1. He looks ace! And his beard will add a bit of variety to those early Tudor heads.

  2. Really lovely conversion, very well done of course - coincidently I've just done a beard with putty too (on a metal Swiss head).
    Looking forward to seeing his unit.

  3. Small changes can make all the difference to a figure and this one proves the point. Nice